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Our Case Studies
Niche: public services
Beginning of work: 2015
Region: CA
One of our collaborations was with this company. Initially, their website was on the 3rd page of Google by its main keyword, and another SEO agency was trying to improve its situation for 18 months. Our team did it in just three months, and it was already on the first page of Google.
Niche: lawyer
Beginning of work: 2019
Region: CA
This company’s website was on the 2nd page by its main keyword, was promoted and marketed by yet another company for half a year. Seven months after taking this client in, it was already in the top position with more international regions.
Niche: furniture
Beginning of work: 2012
Region: CIS + EU
During the promotion, we developed the brand to the top 3 levels in the region.
Niche: IT
Beginning of work: The data is hidden. Project under NDA
Region: US + World
It’s, а highly competitive niche. The click here costs more than $300. The site wasn’t promoted before us. A year later we took the 1−3th position by the main requests and attracted big clients from America, Saudi Arabia and Europe.
This Is How Our Methodology Works
You could hear that SEO takes a long time and you need to wait at least 9 - 12 months to get results. It's true 100%. SEO at this age takes a lot of time and effort. But at the same time you don't need to rank the most competitive search term immediately.
We usually start with the smaller and most lucrative keywords. It helps us give you great results in a few months. It will help you get more clients pretty fast and pay off our services.
You will get result in a few months
In most cases, you may hear that SEO takes a long time to work, varying from 9 to 12 months. It's completely accurate, as it takes a lot of time and effort to produce great results. However, you don't need to use the most competitive search query right off the bat.
Instead, what our team does is start with the small commercial keywords. That will give you impactful results in a few months and will help you get more clients fast. As a result, your website is on the first page of Google, receiving massive traffic.
Your Website on the First Page of Google
To make rapid and confident decisions for your website, you need transparent results from it. Therefore, we will provide you with quick updates on your website statistics, as well as detailed data about backlinks, incoming leads, keyword rankings, search traffic statistics, etc.
Transparent Reports
The Google search engine is always looking for new, unique, and updated content that the website owners should implement to improve their SEO ranking. Our professional copywriters will constantly update your content, bringing you more customers and enhancing your domain rankings.
Regular Content Updates
To bring the promotion of your website to a new level, our team handles guest postings on the most popular blogs, relevant portals, reliable forums, and various social media channels. This is a manual process. You won’t get any phishing emails and undesirable proposals.
Further Website Promotion
The next step is to generate relevant and unique content. If you do have your copywriters, we can assist you with the blog topics and keyword research. However, if you want to use our expert copywriters, you will get quality content based on LSI and NLP to convert your warm users to potential clients faster. The quality of our readers is very high.
Creating Quality Content
After conducting previous core implementations, our team will set up and configure a web analytics tool to get your target audience’s data and observe your conversion rates.
Web Analytics Setup
Apart from the standard and public SEO techniques, we have the inner instruments that show us what recommendations and improvements Google is looking at. Thus, our team will provide you with the most comprehensive instructions for all the web pages based on our inside analysis.
Internal Optimization
To improve your website’s organic traffic, we will research and solidify or even create a semantic core (if you don’t have one). Our team will search and find relevant keywords hidden from others, providing more opportunities for your website to score higher.
Effective Semantic Core
As a professional and an expert team, we use only advanced SEO technologies and approaches. So we do conduct a thorough audit of your code and optimize according to the best quality practices improving your Google domain ranking.
Technical Optimization
After we start our collaboration, we analyze your business field, which is our initial priority, since here, our team will find approaches to improve the position of your website. They propose a simple algorithm based on our conclusions.
Detailed Research
First, our team prepares a 5 to 10 minutes video audit of your website to reveal all of the main issues your website currently has. After that, you will get an invitation to an SEO strategy session, where our experts will give detailed suggestions and improvement recommendations.
Video Audit + Strategy session
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